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MBRA YTH is an opportunity for High Schoolers to have fun, and forge relationships with people. It is an environment where everyone is valued personally and connected socially. Our team of leaders run MBRA YTH for years 7-10 every other Friday and Life Group for years 10-12 every other Wednesday.

Music Ministry

From cover to cover in our Bible, the Lord has been worshipped through song, and we are not going to stop now. Our music team leads us each week to sing of His awesome power and mighty deeds.

MBRA kids

These are the green shoots of a flourishing future in God’s kingdom. MBRA Kids is our teaching program for primary school-aged children in years K-6 on a Sunday morning. We provide a fun-filled presentation of Gospel truths that make Sundays the favourite on our kid's calendars.

Beach Ministry

During the months of ‘Day-light Saving’, we gather at the ​north end​ of Maroubra Beach (shoreline), between 8-10am, for fun in the sun (or wind & rain). It is a great way for us to enjoy this beautiful part of God's Creation, and establish relationships with the community outside of the church. 


Grab a coffee and sit in the sunny yard... and who knows, maybe even have an ​adult​ conversation while the kids explore?With a huge arrangement of toys, and various facilities for preschoolers, you are able to take some reprieve from the constant need to entertain.

Join us on a Wednesday, during the school term, from 9:30am-11:30am.


Home groups are a formation of ‘spiritual families’ within the wider church community. With friends by our side, and Jesus as our guide, we journey through the Bible and life together. Home groups are a great way of building relationships that support, motivate, and love one another, whilst growing in our knowledge of God.

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